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Participation & Discretion

Dominatrix Party

At our events, we extend a warm welcome to couples and solo adventurers of all identities and orientations. We value inclusivity and embrace individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Please note that our parties are not open to the general public. We take great care in curating our guest list and ensuring that participants are a good fit for the event. This allows us to create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone involved.

In order to prioritize privacy and maintain a secure environment, we do not disclose the event address to individuals who have not undergone our initial screening process and made a tribute. This additional measure helps us maintain a high level of confidentiality and discretion.

The party address will be sent to you a day before the party by e-mail which you used for application.

Screening & Selection of Guests

The targeted maximum ratio of dominas to subs is 1:3 to keep it smaller and more intimate. That means we will have to reject some participants if there are more subs’ applications vs. dommes’ applications.

Here is what criteria we will take into account when selecting guests:

  • First come, first served: the earlier you apply for participation, the higher your chances to be allowed in;
  • Providing as much information about your kinks, interests & goals, as possible, so that we understand you will be a great fit to our Party;
  • Provide reference from an active domme (for example, if you played with someone, or took part in other femdom parties, mention this in application);
  • Come with a partner: you will get a guaranteed ticket if coming together with a domme.
  • You will get an automatic approval if you already participated in our previous parties.

We do not discriminate subs based on age, race, gender, orientation, nationality, appearance (but we require a dress code!)

IMPORTANT! Dominant males are not allowed for the Party. All men that come to the party will have to be in a submissive role! Women can be whoever they want: a dominant or a submissive.

As we are planning the domme/sub ratio at the party, we do not offer a Switch option for women.

Dress Code

Dominatrix Femdom Party

Dress to Impress! We believe that making an effort always pays off! Therefore, we have a dresscode for this evening.

Fetish – leather – latex – vynil – metal – uniform – victorian – corsets – fetishdrag – fetishburlesque

We will award the best-dressed domme & sub with prizes! But in case you don’t have any fetish wear and do not want to spend extra:

  • Easiest minimum for dommes: black dress/ black top + (leather) skirt + high heeled shoes, add leather gloves, bright jewelry, fisnets.
  • Easiest minimum for subs: black pants + white shirt/topless + black shoes, add a mask, a collar, leather harness. Female clothing on male subs are more than welcome!
  • Beware: no casual, no sneakers, no blue jeans, no cotton t-shirts
  • Strict dress code check at the door and also inside. The doorbitch decision is final. No refund.

Safe, Sane & Consensual Play

During the Party we will pay special attention to those main principles of BDSM:

  • Safety: host dommes will be available to help in any unknown practice or device; and will monitor the Party to avoid any unsafe activities happening during the evening;
  • Sanity: we do not allow any activities that can lead to permanent damage of a bottom, nor any edge play / highly risky activities at the Party.
  • Consent: all parties involved in a scene should be actively consent with all the activities. We encourage dommes to negotiate with a sub before starting to do anything to him, and always remember that “no means no”.

Subs are encouraged to:

  • express freely their limits to dommes (preferably before the start of the play);
  • use a safe word (during the play);
  • give full feedback to the domme (after the play)

Intoxication is Forbidden!

  • Smoking tabacco is only allowed in the corner of the main room (under the tube)
  • Strong alcohol intoxication is not allowed!
  • Zero drugs tolerance!

We do not consider BDSM under strong alcohol nor drugs safe. If we notice your strong intoxication, you will not be allowed to stay at the Party.

Owned Subs


Submissives have a choice to be “owned” during the play by a host dominatrix.

Each host domme will have 3 owned slaves that will get a guaranteed attention from her during the Party. That is a privileged position because you will get a guaranteed attention of the most experienced dommes of the Party!

The ticket for being owned is of higher value, and the number of those tickets is very limited (because we will only have a few host dommes).

You will not be able to choose a domme, but we will try to make the best match based on the list of your kinks. So we encourage you to give us the most detailed list of kinks, fetishes & limits to us.

IMPORTANT! The “owned sub” consent does not mean that you will not be able to play with other dommes! It just means that you will have a guaranteed individual attention from your domme, among other plays.

Application Process & Tributes

To participate you need to apply here >>

Once we confirm your participation, you will need to send your tribute to guarantee your place. If you do not pay within 24 hours, your reservation may be offered to another person, so we encourage to do it as soon as you get notified.

All instructions on payment will be sent to your e-mail upon approval of your application.


  • Domme: 29 Euro
  • Submissive (regular ticket): 39 Euro
  • Submissive (“owned sub” ticket): 49 Euro

Tickets on the Spot

(only for dommes & couples, upon the preliminary approval from our side)

  • Domme: 39 Euro
  • Submissive: 49 Euro

Each ticket includes one free welcome drink (a glass of champaigne or non-alcoholic drink by your choice).

Subs can request to rent a full face spandex mask for extra 10Euro. You can buy a mask yourself from (search “Bdsm spandex mask”, we recommend the one with 3 holes for eyes & mouth, will be about 20euro with shipping)

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