About The Party

A Divalicious Party is a new Lisbon Party for celebrating female dominance – safely, ethically, and consensually.

Femdom Party in Lisbon, Portugal

“Divalicious” is a combination of the words Diva + Delicious + Devilish, and that’s what Femdom is about!

It is taking place at the famous libertine club in Lisbon city center, and opens its doors for a carefully selected number of dominant women & submissive males.

Organized by the most well-known professional dominatrix in Portugal (Mistress Elena) and hosted by experienced professional & lifestyle dommes, the Party is a unique event that never happened before!

At the Party you will not be just guests, there will be planned activities, demos, competitions developed for guests. We will help you to expand your experience, provide you with tips & tricks, motivate your plays with valuable prizes.

We aim at providing the safe space for those who want to explore the fantasies or fetishes that might be otherwise hard to access.

Who do we invite to participate?

Female Dominants

Dominatrix Lisbon, Portugal

The whole event will be center around female dommes! You will be celebrated, worshiped, pleased, comforted & entertained!


No matter what experience you have (or maybe no experience at all, just curiosity about femdom), you are welcome to our Party!

We aim at providing you space for trying new things, to see demonstrations, to learn new techniques, to participate in competitions.

Have Fun!

At each party, we have prizes for most active dominatrices, judged by hosting dommes & praised by submissives! The most you play during the event, the higher the possibility to get one of valuable prizes we will have.

We select male participants to choose the most polite & submissive ones, and invite not more than 3 subs per 1 domme.

Promote Yourself!

If you are a professional domme, you will have a great chance to show yourself in plays, meet other pros, get introduced to male subs.

NOTE: We do not allow any paid services during the party! But it is still a great way to meet a potential play partner.

Submissives of Any Gender

Play Discreetly!

We know pretty well how hard it is to make your hidden desires & fantasies make true: there is a huge stigma on submissive males in the modern society! We know there are very many male subs over there, but disproportionately few you ever participate in kinky parties.

We aim at making your participation in our parties as discreet as possible:

  • all submissives can participate in masks / will be provided a mask with an extra small fee;
  • no photography /video is allowed during the party. We will have our own photographer/videographer that will only do shooting with consent of all involved;
  • no obligation to play! You can just sit and observe.

Answering your questions: we will meet you in the entrance of the club, and if you want to keep your face hidden all the time, you can enter the club in a medical mask, we will give you a full face spandex mask (you need to reserve it in advance!), which you will be able to put on right away. There will be a wardrobe room to change your clothing.

Femdom Party Lisbon Portugal

Have your Share of Attention!

We know that there is always more subs than dommes, & at femdom parties usually there is a possibility of you paying a ticket but not being played with. Here is how we will deal with that:

  • There will be a limit of 3 subs per 1 domme in confirming the participation.
  • We will do our best to motivate domme participants to play as much as possible during the play, but special games, prizes, as well as demos & coaching during the party (at our first party we had 2 subs per 1 domme).
  • Special host dommes (both pros & experienced lifestyle dommes) will be present at the party. Each will have 3 subs ‘owned’ to play during the party. You will be able to buy a ticket to be among those ‘owned’ to have a guaranteed individual play during the party.
Divalicious Femdom Party

Play Safely!

During the party experienced host dommes will be taking care of the safety of action happening: we will do our best to make sure that even inexperienced dommes will play safely during the party!

By our rules we will only allow safe, sane & consensual interaction during the Party.

Meet Pro Dommes!

We know how hard, scary & expensive can be hiring a professional domme for an individual session. During the party we will have a few professionals for you to meet, introduce yourself, see them in action.

Feedback from Past Parties

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